Course Preview

What's Inside?

The iOS System Design Interview Course Cover The video course has:
  • Video on how to design an Instagram-like app (Instagram as the example)
  • Video on how to design an E-commerce app (Etsy as the example)
  • Video on how to design a messenger app (Facebook Messenger as the example)
  • Overview of how you should approach system design interview overall
  • A brief introduction to VIPER architecture
  • Video about backend APIs design for mobile apps
  • Diagrams used in the course for you to review as you're prepping for system design interview

Who am I?

Alex Bush photo

My name is Alex Bush. I'm an iOS consultant and architect. I've been developing for iOS for 13+ years and built apps ranging from small MVPs to large scale enterprise applications. Prominent companies I worked at are Wanelo, ThoughtWorks, Uber, Wayfair. Currently I'm an engineering manager at UpKeep.

I also host Inside iOS Dev YouTube channel.

Here are previews of some of the videos in the course:

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The course is almost done and available for early access.

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Are there other resources?

Looking for other free resources? Check out this article. It's an excerpt from one of the lessons (a chapter really) of the course where I walk you through details of a system design of an e-commerce application (Etsy).

Sample Video

Not sure yet? Check out two sample video it's about designing an Instagram application. In it I walk you through a desgin and building blocks of Instagram application and point to useful tips about what system design interviewers might focus on (hint: scrolling performance) when they ask you to design an Instagram app.

Sample Videos

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Twitter: @alex_v_bush

LinkedIn: alexvbush